Captain Bayley's Heir Reviews

​Captain Bayley's Heir Reviews

"Not only do these audio books offer tales that are truley one of a kind, but the amazing storytelling skills from the actors really help enhance each one, getting kids more excited about learning historical events that had taken place. I also personally love that everything is based on building Christian character. So while children get pulled into an exciting, action-packed story, they'll also be learning about God, as well as positive values and morals.

...From the voices, to the amazing music and sound effects in the background; the story is brought to life, almost as if you are watching a movie, but not actually seeing it with your own eyes. With that being said, there is so much detail in the audio, that you really don't need to see it, you can just visualize it in your head. I was especially excited to hear the voice of actor, John Rhys-Davies, as Captain Bayley. I am such a fan of his work, and he has such an amazing voice that's perfect for the character. Some of you may remember his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as well as Mordecai in One Night with the King (one of my favorite film adaptations of the book of Esther)".

Captain Bayley's Heir "Awesome!"

​"They take G.A. Henty stories, which are full of history, excitement, and character building lessons, and turn them into action packed audio dramas. If you know what radio theater is, imagine that... but updated with the technology and actors of today. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to get kids and adults excited about learning history. G.A. Henty can be hard to read, but these dramas retell the story and bring it to life, and have encouraged my kids to read more of his books. I love that last bit SO much.

...When I asked what my kids thought of Captain Bayley's Heir, I heard "Awesome!" and "probably my favorite G.A. Henty book" and "the story is well written and people today can learn they don't need to run away from their problems." My kids are really impressed with the new website and how interactive it is. They like the quizzes and streaming options, and they enjoyed the Old Time Radio Vault."

"Captain Bayley’s Heir was filled with adventure from England to the Mississippi River and the California Gold Rush. The main plot keeps you in suspense over the fate of Frank who is desperate to clear his name from false accusation, while several other sub-plots add intrigue to the entire audio adventure. The professional cast, strong soundtrack and effects combined with G.A. Henty’s authorship and Bill Heid’s production team at Heirloom Audio Productions created a riveting story, making our family time unique and fun-filled."

Heirloom Audio

"Heirloom Audio Productions has made a fabulous audio book!

 "Heirloom Audio Productions has made a fabulous audio book that keeps listeners engaged.  Every time I review one of their audio books, I think, “This one is my favorite!”, but then the next one comes, and I love it just as much.  While I’ve found every audio story from Heirloom Audio Productions accessible to younger kids, this one especially seems to be so.  My kids were just as surprised by the plot twists as I was!"

"For me Heirloom Audio Productions is a life saver as my daughter has Autism and other disabilities and driving in a car is stressful for her and for the rest of the family. Since we started listening to the stories from Heirloom Audio Productions she is delightful in the car. Yes, every time we are in the car driving we have on one of Heirloom Audio Productions stories and have added on a few other audio books. Heirloom Audio Productions is her favorite. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to all the stories as I have lost count. We all know the stories by heart. The funny thing is that we are not tired of them as they still grab our attention!

My family has listened to many audio books I have to admit that Heirloom Audio Productions is our favorite and we haven’t found anyone who measures up to Heirloom Audio Productions quality. Most of all I love the characters in the story that have courage, morals, and faith in action. You are missing out if you have never heard one of the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio." Productions.

"Suspenseful, thrilling, dramatic, exhilarating, thought-provoking, and heart-felt would be ways I would describe Captain Bayley’s Heir.  No other audio drama has left me on the edge of my seat, as the riveting tale is being told.

... Teaching historical moments to children is one component to instill a life long love of learning, especially when it focuses on important truths that will deepen their character.  Captain Bayley’s Heir provides such a richness in content that one will feel compelled to apply what has been learned, avoid the dangers of ‘weakened’ character and rise above those challenging circumstances that seems to face us daily.  So strap on your side arm, saddle up your horse, and ride out into the sunset as ‘gold fever’ takes over!"

Heirloom Audio

"You will come to know characters whom you will want to meet in real life, at least that's what happened for me. I found myself wrapped in wanting to discover the secrets along the way and rooting for forgiveness and grace in the end.

God has a plan for our lives!

The story is exhilarating! It takes place in London and America during the days of the Wild Wild West Gold Rush... I literally found myself on the edge of my seat."

"The story sometimes gets intense: the wagon train, as many were, was attacked by Indians. I was really impressed with how this was handled in the story: the listener's sympathies automatically follow the main character, and he is appalled that they should be attacking and killing the settlers crossing the Great Plains. However, one of the experienced trailmen he is traveling with asks him some searching questions ending with, "What would you do, in their place?" Frank does not answer, but there is certainly food for thought there. (The study guide looks closely at this scene.)

... there is an extensive study guide (38 pages), giving background information on G.A. Henty, helping with tricky vocabulary, and encouraging students to dig a little deeper into the book.

... they are great at asking questions without telling the student the "right answer" (something I always approve of), and at sticking to just suggesting verses in the Bible that are relevant, and letting the student work it out, rather than holding them by the hand and pulling them to the intended answers. These qualities make it more useful as a support to meaningful learning because they expect the student to act in their own learning, rather than anticipating that the teacher will be acting upon the students in giving them their wisdom. This also makes it extremely successful at being non-denominational, and thus useful to many different types of Christians."

"My family and I love audio books! We love to listen to them while: I am multitasking, we have a long drive ahead of us, or there is cruddy weather and we are stuck inside. My family usually enjoys them better if they are fun and adventuresome. I believe they are better than movies because audio books require more imagination which is great for growing minds.

...I love the music and sound effects that accompany this program. The music that is used on the CDs is adventurous and is also by itself in soundtrack form as Listen Online and MP3 downloads. It is an original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). The Foley sound effects make you feel like you are right there with the characters and immerses you more into what's happening.

...This was a very good production and my family enjoyed listening to it thoroughly. This audio book would be a wonderful addition to a Christian homeschooling curriculum and perfect to go along with a study about the Wild West and the Gold Rush."

​Heirloom Audio Productions has put out another winner in Captain Bayley's Heir!

"Heirloom Audio Productions has put out another winner in Captain Bayley's Heir!

... the Live the Adventure Club website has an interactive way to use the study guide and script. It includes the Thinking Questions and Defining Words portions for each chapter along with a quiz. You can also follow along in the audio drama script, not the e-book, through a nice pop-up window. This is especially great for those who struggle with auditory only learning. Still, the audio dramas are so encompassing, that you almost don't even realize there is not a visual component."

These productions of G.A. Henty's books are the best!

As usual, we loved listening to Captain Bayley’s Heir every day. We used the listen online part of the Live the Adventure Club and read along while listening to each chapter. We also did the online chapter quiz after listening to each chapter. There are twenty chapters and each chapter is under twenty minutes. You could listen to a chapter each day or listen to the whole thing at one sitting if you want with the CD’s. These productions of G.A. Henty's books are the best and we look forward to listening to them when we receive them.

A wonderfully wide-ranging adventure story with a heartwarming ending."

- Andy Secombe

Actor (Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace)

" You won’t be able to stop listening!" 

- Theo Maggs


" Of all the Henty stories we’ve done so far, this is my favorite. "

- John Fornof 

Writer/Director/Producer (The
Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty)

" It’s an epic, but it’s an epic tale married with the fine details of human relationships. "

- Jade Williams

Actress (The Royal Shakespearean Company)

" This story has it all! "

- Ivan Tregear


​" A great, rollicking adventure. "

- Ian Porter
Actor (Saving Private Ryan)

​" What’s so great about these stories is that they recognize the ‘God thread’ through history. "

- Susie Brann

​" A wonderful story. Brilliantly adapted. Your soul will be enriched by listening to it. "

- Finty Williams
Actor (The Importance of Being Earnest)

​" It’s wonderful. "

- John Rhys-Davies
Actor (The Lord of the Rings)

Captain Bayley's Heir

"We have been absolutely hooked on the audio theaters from Heirloom Audio since the first one we heard! Each of them has drawn us in from the very beginning. Captain Bayley’s Heir was no different. We have already listened to it repeatedly. The story line is always top notch, I really mean it when I saw we love all the audios from Heirloom Audio Productions!!"

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